Земельный участок в Певкали, площадь - 1369 м2

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Unnamed Road Korinthia Pefkali 200 04 Ελλάδα
Добавлено Март 26, 2020
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9 595

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'Pefkali - Amoni' of Sofikos The 'Pefkali - Amoni' belongs to the Municipality of Solygeia - Sofiko In the photos you will see the beauty of this place.. Greece is full of beautiful places!! you will see photos of 'Pefkali - Amoni', photos of the 4 beaches of Amoni, photos of the 'RANCH' in Sofiko and photo of the plot in the map. Plot 1369 sqm in 'Amoni' Sofikou, 'KAMELIA' street name - at 55 building plot number 4 - With a building coefficient of 0.40 'Amoni' is located 95 Kilometers out of Athens. that is, from Athens to Amoni is about 1 hour driving. Easy access from Athens International Airport, about 1.5 hours by car. The plot has a beautiful view to the sea, 1400 meters away from the sea. In order to go to the sea from the plot you need only 5 minutes by car! Τhe plot is at an altitude of about 300 meters. The village of 'Pefkali - Amoni' is a cottage settlement, which is in the forest and therefore in the fresh air away from bustle traffic. He has no shops. the closest and fuller market is in the 'beautiful Helen Baths' (10 -15 minutes away) where there are 2 big supermarkets, grocery stores, gas stations, taverns etc. The settlement has only one fish tavern and one beach bar on one of its 4 beaches (small Amoni, big Ammoni, Frangolimano , Kalogerolimeno). Its beaches are pebbly, of unsurpassed beauty. The settlement has a free entrance to the basketball court, volleyball and 2 tennis courts. There is a hospital at 30 km with all the basic specialties, the hospital of Corinth at 40 km is located in the ancient theater of Epidaurus. Finally at 30km away from 'Amoni' is Loutraki with its Casino, one of the most luxurious Casino of Europe! A little higher from 'Amoni' there is 'Sofiko' at 410 meters altitude. Sofiko was rebuilt, in its present location, during the 14th century. Today, there are 30 Christian monuments of various periods in the area of Sofikos. Also in Sofiko Korinthia there is a fantastic ranch .. Hidden in a natural valley and surrounded by the pine forest of Sofikos Corinth, the 'RANCH' project is only 95 kilometers from Athens ... a Magnificent area, drawn from the stories of the Wild West! A wooden village of 330 acres with a unique Western architecture harmonizes in the natural environment along with state-of-the-art sports facilities and outdoor activities of recreational and educational character.

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Столица: г. Триполи

Крупнейший муниципалитет: муниципалитет г. Каламаты

Общее число муниципалитетов: 26

Площадь: 15. 490 км²

Численность населения: 577.903 (согласно переписи населения от 2011 г.)

Самая высокая точка: Тайгет (2.404 м)

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