Вилла на Тасос, спален - 3, площадь - 110 м2

11 504
EO Thasou Limenarion, Thasos 640 10, Greece
Добавлено Янв. 18, 2019
ID: 814363069024
11 504

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  • Жилая площадь: 110 м2
  • Спальни: 3
  • Ванные: 2
  • Год постройки: 2019


420 000
420 000
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Villas with breathtaking view of the Aegean Luxurious residences compose the settlement Legea located on a hill, in Scala Kallirachi. A green olive grove of 14 acres, overlooking the Aegean Sea and Athos peninsula, where each two storey villa domains. In harmony with the natural beauty and quiescence of the area, discerning Siren Legeaʼs call, Novalis Terra created the house of your dreams, tailored to your needs and according to highest aesthetics. Spacious and ergonomic kitchen, implement the latest designing lines. The living room and dining area utilize every available space for the sake of functionality, with maximum of natural light, as surrounded by large framed windows for enjoying an integral view from every room of the house. Privacy is paramount, with each villa being completely autonomous surroundedwith trees creating a natural enclosed fence overlooking a lavish private garden. Elite amenities, open plan master Bedrooms, jacuzzi en suite, panoramic sunset view and a complete package of services and property management amidst the perfect scene for a relaxing stay with carefully crafted luxury Stepping out on the external space of the house, large terraces and beautiful garden foster a sense of freedom with view to the open horizon. Masonry barbecue, contemporary outdoor lightning & furniture transform the scene, into a luxury setting, out in the roof garden. The courtyard gets a more sophisticated dimension with the suspension of the private infinity pool oscillating between the sky and the sea. The high standards of construction established in every aspect and details of the house: materials and furnishings up to the appliances and technical equipment delivers in Legea Residence, a whole new meaning to luxury living. Legea Luxury Residences ..... A Dream to fulfill.... BOOK NOW YOUR INSPECTION TRIP AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR SPECIAL OFFER UPON CONFIRMED INTEREST

Точки и расстояния до Вилла на Тасос

Все (100)

Еда и напитки (71)

Медицина (7)

Магазины (13)

Транспорт (7)

Образование (1)

Разное (1)

О регионе

Восточная Македония и Фракия

Столица: г. Комотини

Крупнейший муниципалитет: Александруполи

Общее число муниципалитетов: 22

Площадь: 14.157 км²

Численность населения: 608.182 чел (согласно переписи населения от 2011 г.)

Самая высокая точка: Фалакро (2.232 м)

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Муниципалитет Тасос

О Тасос муниципалитет
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О Тасос муниципалитет
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Продажа 420 000
€ 2455 в месяц
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420 000
Владимир Ханукаев Владимир Ханукаев Президент +30 2310 567433
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