Вилла в Литохоро, спален - 5, площадь - 180 м2

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Litochoro, Greece
Добавлено Ноя. 27, 2018
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10 229

Основные параметры

  • Жилая площадь: 180 м2
  • Спальни: 5
  • Ванные: 5


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1 100 000
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Litochoro: The estate develops on a plot of 6 square meters, surrounded by a large courtyard and bushy plants. The building dominates the area as it is built on an amphitheatrical point offering a unique view to the visitors to the sea and Olympus. Inside the estate, trees have been planted, there are sculptures of shrubs and the largest cover is made of lawns. While there is a bordering forest area on the outside. In the building there are several buildings that are described below: The ground floor of the residence, which is 150 square meters, has three (3) bedrooms, one of which has its own bathroom and the other two have common. Features a kitchen with dining area, a large living room and a 60 sqm terrace overlooking the sea. The first floor of 180 square meters is independent of the ground floor and has a separate entrance. Access to it is by a luxury lift and has the following spaces: A living room overlooking mount Olympos, a bedroom with a view of the sea, including a dressing room, a kitchenette, a bathroom with a jacuzzi and a wc and a second wc for guests. A second detached residence of 50 sq.m. Consisting of a single room that is also used as a bedroom, living room, kitchenette and bathroom. An extra 50m2 space is located on a separate ground floor, with perimeter windows opening and a single area of ​​events – with organized kitchens, a wood stove, a fireplace and TV and alarm facilities. In front there is a roofed space that joins the interior in the summer and can accommodate a large number of visitors. A gem of the estate is the chapel it owns. Wonderfully painted screens, new chairs and a fully-equipped chapel that can work and perform mysteries. All areas of the buildings have cooling, central heating and the power supply of all the buildings, buildings, central areas, lifts, machinery etc. are served both by the PPC and an automatic generator to ensure its operation in any case. The property has an automatic green and flower gardening system, alarm and indoor and outdoor cameras. Water is supplied with drinking water from two independent facilities. There is a separate independent heated large swimming pool. Also an organized pool bar, with electrical appliances, refrigerators, which caters to the needs of the guests. In the premises of the independent buildings – warehouses there are also the water and fuel tanks. Highlights: A) Constructions beyond their luxury have been erected with the latest in science and art, and the materials used eg marbles, aluminum, porcelain etc. are the best at European level. In an independent space, there is a Finnish dry-heated sauna and two bathrooms equipped with men and women C) The surrounding area, apart from our property, is wooded, free and green. It is important that it is not adjacent to any estate other than a forest from the west side and the south side while east alongside a stream and forest D) The combination of the view to the mountain and the sea makes the stay of lovers and guests unique pleasant. A unique property!

Дополнительная информация

  • Отопление: Центральное отопление
  • Вид отопления: Дизель
  • Кондиционирование: Полное
  • Паркинг: Парковка на территории
  • Бассейн: Частный

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  • Камин
  • Мебель
  • Лифт
  • Балкон
  • Особые потребности
  • Вид на горы

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О регионе

Центральная Македония

Столица: г. Салоники

Крупнейший муниципалитет: муниципалитет г. Салоники

Общее число муниципалитетов: 38

Площадь: 18.811 км²

Численность населения: 1.874.590 (согласно переписи населения от 2011 г.)

Самая высокая точка: гора Олимп (2.918 м).

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