Land plot 57062154 in Chalkidiki, area - 20000 m2

Unnamed Road, Nea Propontida 632 00, Greece
Added Jan. 17, 2017
ID: 100057062154


  • Land plot: 20000 m2

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This land plot is situated on the gulf coast close to Nea Potidea, famous for its wonderful sandy beaches. The plot is ideally suitable for the construction of a hotel or private villas. It is also necessary to note that the Greek state offers grants for the construction and set up of new hotels (up to 35% of the capital investment).

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Central Macedonia

Capital: Thessaloniki

Largest Municipality: Municipality of Thessaloniki

Total number of Municipalities: 38

Area: 18.811 km²

Population: 1.874.590 (as to population census of 2011 г.)

Highest point: Olympus mountain (2.918 m).

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