Land plot in Kefalos Kos, area - 27320 m2

Eparchiaki Odos Ko-Kefalou, Kefalos, Greece
Added June 15, 2018
ID: 966321781939


  • Land plot: 27320 m2
  • Permited: 2730 m2

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Land Features: - Situated on southern coast of the Greek island of Kos, approximately 8km from Kos International Airport - The property is exactly 27,320m2 and has a white sand beach frontage of 200m - Access to municipal road and utilities in addition to a licensed water well - A gentle amphitheatrical incline with stunning views of the Mediterranean Development Opportunities: - The land has been cleared from all necessary authorities and is suitable for touristic development whereby 10% of the area could be constructed (2,732 m2) - The office of Poleodomia (City Planning) in Kos has confirmed that the authorisation does not have a validity period and can be used to clear the 10% of the land at any time - The lot is registered in the Municipal Book of Kefalos

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  • First sea line

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    Oikonomopoulos Hair Studio
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South Aegean

Capital: Ermoupoli, Syros island

Largest Municipality: Municipality of Rhodes

Total number of Municipalities: 34

Area: 5.286 km²

Population: 308.975 (as to population census of 2011)

Highest point: Attavyros (Rhodes island), 1.215 m

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